Horizontal Flowpack wrapping machine Synpack S9

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High Speed Horizontal Flow Pack Wrapping Machine Rice Cake on edge

Horizontal Flowpack wrapping machine

Synpack S9 – Horizontal Flowpack wrapping machine

The Synpack S9 is able to handle Rice cakes and Corn cakes up to 40000 cakes/hour with a very quick change over time and meets the technical requirements for high speed wrapping applications with the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Powered with nine (9) independent brushless motors, is controlled from a main computer included operator’s friendly interface and electronic axis position control with PLC based on computer all-in-one.

Main Standard Characteristics:

Wrapping Speed: Up to 20 meters of sealed film per minute.
or 40 Pack/min – Pack length up to 400 mm*

*The speed is depends upon the type and nature of the products to be wrapped as well as the type and quality of the wrapping materials and the feeding system.

Reel width: up to 600 mm
Max. reel diameter : 350 mm
Reel core : 65 to 75 mm
(1 motor) Infeed chain with sinusoidal movement
(2 motor) Fin seal wheels
(1 motor) Transverse crimpers with sliding movement and guillotine cutting
(4 motor) Vertical chain on film with sinusoidal movement
(1 motor) Outfeed belt (AC Inverter)

  • First couple of pulling film rollers pneumatic open/close by pushbutton
  • Second couple of sealing film rollers with pneumatic open/close automatic at start/stop
  • Infeed Chain of appropriate length, with double Pusher (Spring return and Fixed)
  • One couple of film pulling rollers with several mechanical registration for proper wrapping the film around the product
  • One couple of film sealing rollers
  • One reel holder
  • Vacuum System to remove air inside the pack
  • Infeed Chain with sinusoidal movement, to have always the bottom of the package plan for the bottom heating
  • Vertical chains motorized with independent brushless motors with separate digital control, to keep straight the cake on edge into the tube of film formats.
  • Mark Photocell electronically controlled print registration with +/- correction
  • Crimpers cutting electronically controlled cut registration with +/- correction
  • Crimpers stop in open position
  • Main computer included Operator’s friendly Interface based on Tex Computer all-in-one
  • Digitally controlled cut-off length with possibility to memorize up to 10 products.
  • Digital speed read-out integrated on the display
  • Digital product counter read-out integrated on the display
  • Temperature sensors of Constant Iron Thermo Couple (3 items)
  • Electronic PID control of the sealing temperatures with auto-tuning (3 items)
  • Electrical panel included on the machine body

*** Synpack S9 can wrap with or without twist band