Product distribution by rows

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Synchronized rows distributor

Is the technology which take your products from production process (oven or cooling tunnel) and distribute them automatically into one or more wrapping machine.

All elements are handling by brushless motors and supervised from a powerful microprocessor, this approach allow to handle regular, irregular and delicate products.

The flexibility of the system permit using only one system to feed indifferently or in the same time two wrapping machines placed on the left and right side, driving automatically the speed in order to have a perfect product flow, minimizing lost of production.

Rows Distribution

Rows Distribution

Row distribution with orienting system

Orienting system distribution


Enables the automatic distribution of rows on multiple lines for packaging.
Possibility of accumulation by microstops with recovery in-line.
Ideal for high production rates.


Product rows distribution by continuos feeding  line and _ or  ninety degrees feeding line

Product rows distribution

Rows Distribution & Buffer

Rows Distribution & Buffer


Placed after the distributor is a multilevel belts storage.
This technology allow to store rows rejected from distributor cause wrapping machine stop.
On going out products can be re-cycle in a spare wrapping machine.




  • Automatic belts tracking and tensioning (no air required)
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Fully servo driven
  • Possibility to handle different products
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Digital control of belts speed
  • Easy operator interface