Synpack X Fold

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Synpack X Fold

Synpack X Fold


The Synpack X Fold is equipped with:

  • PLC with control panel Touch Screen Color.
  • Displaying all the information on the function and any mulfunction.
  • Frame and conveyor belt are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Cams are specially built against the effects of friction.
  • All security systems to ensure operator safety and to optimize the production.
  • Gears and chains have been specially selected to minimize friction and wear.
  • Frequency converter allows easy adjustment of speed.
  • Intermittent operation backward/forward for production testing.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • Management with separate electric motor for easy control the sizes of X – folding (wide/narrow).

Technical Specifications:

Synpack X Fold Pack

Synpack X Fold Pack

20-58 packets/min.
Based on the rice cake size and the type of wrapping material.

Chellophane thickness:
Min. 25 micron – max. 40 micron.

Power consumption:
2,2 kW.

Electrical supply:
380V + Neutral + gnd – 50Hz – 3 Phases.

Air Consumption:
6 bar – 200 l/min.

Wrapping material:

Maximum reel diameter:
300 mm

Reel width:
150-350 mm

Core diameter:
75 mm

Net weight:
1100 kg

113x418x190(H) cm