Synpack CF Cut & Fold – Electronic Wrapping Machine

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The SynPack C&F is an electronic machine for fold wrapping

Powered with seven independent brushless motors, is controlled from a main computer included operator’s friendly interface and electronic axis position control with PLC based on computer all-in-one.

Characteristics for standard version:

  • Wrapping Speed: Up to 130 product per minute*

Synpack Cut&Fold

Confezionatrice Synpack Cut&Fold

*The speed is depends upon the type and nature of the products to be wrapped as well as the type and quality of the wrapping materials and the feeding system.

Film reel dimensions:

  • width : up to 600 mm
  • External diameter: up to 350 mm
  • Inner diameter : 65 -75 mm

Theoretical Product dimensions:

  • lenght: 20 – 200 mm
  • width : 10 – 100 mm
  • height : 5 – 40 mm

Cut & Fold Package

Cut & Fold Package


  • Seven independent brushless motors with separate digital control, synchronized by the central computer.
  • Main computer included Operator’s friendly Interface, PLC and Axis Card.
  • Digital control machine phases.
  • Electrical panel included on the machine body.
  • Sealing film device.
  • Possibility wrap double Film / double Reel.