Rice cake feeding system double line

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Rice cake and corn cake feeding system double line

The system allows to collect the cakes from the presses in any order and bring channeled on edge to the packaging machine Synpack S9.

In order to handle the above described products and transfer them from a layer form into a wrapping machine, we are suggesting a solution together the system to create synchronized automatic flows of products.

Rice Cakes Package

Rice Cake Package

Production will be unload on the infeed belt , that one provide to move the production to the two lines Vibrator Channel ,that one, with its vibration (adjustable to determinate the vibration rate), will place the products vertically and will move them forward.
Once the products rows has reached from the two portioning devices this device will provide to create the right portion configuration to be load on the Synpack S9 wrapping machine chain that will provide to wrap the products.

Several sensor, photocell and proximity switch, will be supervisor of the logic giving all the information to the PLC/Axis Card (Program Logic Controller) and an easy operator interface will give the possibility to change all the parameters for the right work of the system.

Rice Cake Machine Rice Cake And Corn Cake Feeding System Double Line

Rice Cake And Corn Cake Machine Double Line


  • Automatic belts tracking and tensioning (no air required)
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Digital control of belts speed
  • Easy operator interface
  • FDA approved belt